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Sam Plewa - Massagae Therapist

Sam Plewa, Massage therapist

Sam qualified in swedish massage in 2009, then completed the next level which was sports and remedial massage in 2010. She says;

"I've attended many more courses since then in order to keep learning new techniques and approaches. One of the courses I attended was in Costa Rica at an amazing health retreat, up in the mountains surrounded by coffee plantations! Attending courses like this helps build on my knowledge and keep myself up-to-date.

I was a full-time massage therapist fo five years when I lived in Abderdeen.  I had my own treatment room in a busy gym and also worked alongside an Osteopath providing soft-tissue treatments in their clinic.  I've had a break from massage for a few years and h ave now returned home to the North Eastg with my family and am thrilled to me working in a massage clinic again.

What can clients expect from a treatment with Sam?

The treatment sessions are usually an hour long. You discuss what you would like to work on during the session, for example it could be a full body relaxation treatment, an hour of hot stone massage or we could concentrate on something specific like the back, neck and shoulders.

We take a brief medical history, and perform an assessment if the treatment requires it.

Sam always works within the client's comfort zone, and that is different for everyone.


What treatments does Sam offer?


Swedish Massage

These techniques aim to stretch and loosen skeletal muscle and connective tissue. By reducing muscle tension and breaking up scar tissue there can be a noticeable difference in muscle function and relief from chronic pain. This therapeutic massage can be gently relaxing or extremely invigorating depending upon the pressure and strokes applied.


Sports & Remedial Massage

Physical activity and all kinds of sport can put strain on the body leading to impaired performance and injury. These treatments involve deep tissue massage, stretching and strengthening techniques to reduce pain and improve flexibility and muscle function. This can greatly improve painful and restricted joints, repetitive strain injury, back and neck pain and to improve the range of movement.


Pregnancy massage

The body undergoes huge changes throughout pregnancy such as morning sickness, weight gain and emotional and hormonal changes. This can put stresses and strains on the body resulting in painful back, hips, pelvis, legs and feet. Special techniques and cushions are used to support both body and bump so you can relax, unwind and drift off. Massage reduces stress and promotes relaxation, eases back pain, cramps, swollen legs and ankles and helps prepare for an easier birth. Massage is safe throughout all trimesters.


Hot Stone massage

This involves using smooth basalt stones with a rich iron content, they're heated in a water bath to a comfortable and pleasant temperature. The stones retain heat and are held in the therapist's hands while gliding over the body or placed on certain key points on the body. The heat is extremely relaxing and can deeply penetrate and soften the muscle tissue more quickly than a regular massage. Cold stones can also be incorporated into the treatment for even greater benefits. I sometimes use hot and cold stones in other treatments such as a remedial massage to quickly alleviate muscular aches and pains.


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Natalie Nicolas Most Osteopath

Natalie Nicolas, The Therapy Rooms, OsteopathNatalie Nicolas graduated with a First Class Masters degree in Osteopathy from Swansea in 2014.

Natalie has a keen interest in treating musculo-skeletal pain from a holistic viewpoint, observing the body as an integral unit.

She specialises in helping people with back or neck pain, injuries and chronic pain. There’s no such thing as a typical patient, because office workers and athletes, children and the elderly, can benefit from osteopathy.

Natalie loves helping people and creating bespoke treatment plans to help them recover from musculo-skeletal pain. Each patient has a full assessment and a working diagnosis and has several appointments to improve their symptoms.

Natalie is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy.

What Can Someone Expect at an Osteopathy Appointment?

Natalie explains: “Firstly, I book people in for a one-hour consultation. I ask the patient to tell me what the problem is and what they think is causing it. I’ll also prompt them to talk about the case history, when the pain started and if it’s better or worse at certain times, as well as their health and medication.”

The information gathered helps Natalie to narrow down the potential cause of the pain. Once that’s all covered, she does an assessment, which varies depending on the case history.

The assessment usually involves removing clothes down to underwear and shorts, and Natalie watches the patient walking and moving to see if there’s anything noticeable which could have contributed to the pain, including looking at the spine for any clues. Then, she focuses on the area of the pain, and moves the joint for the patient.

At this point, she formulates a working diagnosis of what the pain is most likely caused by, as it’s not always possible to be completely certain. Natalie then creates a treatment plan from the diagnosis.

Treatment usually consists of soft tissue therapy (i.e. massage), joint mobilisation to help it move better, manipulation, which is a stronger form of joint mobilisation and usually happens on the spine. Sometimes she also demonstrates stretching and resistance movements the patient can do at home.

Within four to six treatments, patients should have seen an improvement in the symptoms. If they don’t, Natalie will reassess and see if there’s anything she can change in the working diagnosis or refer to the NHS pathway if appropriate.

Natalie says: “One of the best ways way to understand osteopathy it is to come and experience the treatment for themselves.”

A telephone assessment can be made to check you are suitable before booking a course of treatment.

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