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Do you wish you could be more active but stiff muscles and joints prevent it? Do you sit at your desk with a headache or rub your neck and shoulders, trying to ease stiffness and tension?


Our treatments can help lessen pain, increase the range of movement in your joints and spine. Ease muscle and joint problems, improve performance in sport, lessen stress, boost your system


Our consultations and treatments are always specific to your individual needs. We accept cash and credit cards for your treatment. Contact our Newcastle Clinic and book your appointment.

The Therapy Rooms - Newcastle Location

Therapy Rooms Newcastle Expert Massage and Injury Treatment

Relaxing ground floor clinic

The Therapy Rooms Newcastle, Tracy Russel

Tracy Russell - Owner and Therapist

Therapy Rooms Newcastle, Massage Therapists Newcastle

Welcoming reception



"The Therapy Rooms offer a great service, a wonderful welcome and excellent treatment from a very inspirational lady who keeps me going, straightens me up and relieves all my muscular aches and pains. I look forward to treatments from Tracy - couldn't do without her. Definitely make an appointment to visit if you are suffering from any aches and pains."

Joanna Stead


"Still amazed how straight I am standing after my treatment. I didn't know my pelvis was out of alignment, I just knew I was in pain. Now in after care mode with frozen peas and so much more comfortable. Relief! If anyone has back/joint pain but thinks it's just an ache that will eventually go away, then a visit to The Therapy Room is a must. I will sleep much better tonight. Thank you."

Janice Ross

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