Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus originated from Australia and Tasmania and today is cultivated in Egypt, Algeria, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, California, India and South Africa all hot dry countries.  Eucalyptus is part of the Myrtaceae family along with myrtle, tea tree, niouli and cajeput.

Interestingly these trees draw large quantities of water from the ground and are therefore often plated in regions with high incidence of malaria and where ground drainage is desired.

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There are more than 700 varieties of eucalyptus and over 500 produce an essential oil. The main ones used in aromatherapy in this country are eucalyptus globulus, eucalyptus smithii, eucalyptus radiate,  eucalyptus stageriana.

Eucalyptus was originally used by the aborigines to treat infections and fevers.

Familiar somewhat medicinal smell. Commonly used for colds and sinus infections because of its great mucolytic and decongestant properties.  Not only does it help to clear mucus and fight infection with its antibacterial properties but it is also known for improving the red blood cells’ uptake of oxygen. So it is really useful as part of a pre sport massage or even as part of a treatment to address anaemia.

Pre sports Massage Rub
100ml Carrier Oil such as Grapeseed or Sweet Almond
20 drops Eucalyptus
10 drops Rosemary
10 drops Ginger

Useful for colds    (don’t do this if you are asthmatic)
Half fill a bowl with hot water. Add 1 drop of eucalyptus. Sit with a towel over your head over the bowl and a breathe in the steam and the wonderful decongesting aromas.

You can also put a bowl of hot water with 5-7 drops of eucalyptus in your bedroom about an hour before bed.  Make sure the door is closed and by the time you go to bed the room will be smelling of eucalyptus.  This will help you sleep: not only will it help to keep your head and nose clear but it will also help your body fight the infection.