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Meet James Tatham – Sports Therapy Massage Newcastle

Sports Therapy Massage Newcastle, James Tatham

Sports Therapy Massage Newcastle – How Did James Get Started?

James trained at Teesside University, studying for three years and qualifying in 2012. He has been working as a sports therapist for five years. He worked in private practice for four years, doing massage, rehab exercise classes, running clinics and assessments. He does a lot more assessments now he works for himself.

As a keen sportsman when he was younger, playing a lot of football, James often suffered injuries. On a visit to see a physiotherapist James was amazed by how much the physio knew about the human body. Realising that the physio knew his body better than he did, this prompted him to get into sports therapy rather than coaching, which was his initial plan.

And so the study began and James learned that sports therapy focuses on the musculoskeletal system and rehab after injury.

Is Sports Therapy Only for Athletes?

It’s important to know that you can come for a sports therapy session even if you’re not a sportsperson. James treats people from all walks of life, and prefers to work in a relaxed clinic setting rather than out on the side of a sports field. He enjoys seeing people improve over time in their daily life, as well as on a football pitch.

Example of a recent injury

James explained that he recently treated a posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) tear. These occur in the back of the knee, and it’s the ligament that holds the knee together. Patients can be offered surgery, but if they choose not to have that, rehab and soft tissue work can help strengthen the knee.

Soft tissue work involves light massage to increase the blood flow to the injured area. James uses deep tissue massage, a more vigorous form of treatment, to try to separate muscle fibres, break down scar tissue or adhesions to muscles (adhesion is when a fibrous tissue develops from a small tear).

He also does pre-event work to stimulate the muscles. Soft tissue release is designed to lengthen a muscle by working it through its movement. Trigger point work is a held position on an area with a build-up of metabolic waste or which is hypersensitive. This can alleviate the pain and desensitise the area.

How can Sports Therapy Help?

Sports therapy is great for general aches and pains. Everyone has muscles which can get tight. One of the most common problems James treats are caused by people sitting for too long at a desk – they get very tight across their shoulders and mid-back. It can also cause neck pains and tension headaches, so massage will alleviate the tightness in the muscles that have been under stress.

Other typical problems include people who’ve sustained an injury while playing sports, such as receiving a knock in football or rugby. Massage is good for relieving the pain post-match.

What can You Expect During a Sports Therapy Massage Newcastle Session?

James talks extensively to each client about what their particular problem is and what they would like their treatment outcomes to be. He then discusses what he would do to help the patient reach their goals.

During treatment, James explains what he’s doing at every stage, so the client knows what’s happening and they feel comfortable. Deep tissue massage can be aggressive, as it’s designed to loosen tightness, which can sometimes seem scary.

Then, he talks through what the client should do post-treatment and what they can do at home to help themselves. James says that the best solution is to see aprofessional but also do a home exercise plan to really benefit.

Who is Sports Therapy for?

James treats a range of clients, many who are office-based for their working day.

They often have chronic back and neck pain, which is because posture slips after an hour sitting at a desk. James recommends getting up regularly and walking around to reset the body. People come to James as and when they feel they need to have treatment.

James has treated a range of injuries, caused by a variety of sports: football, rugby, cricket, volleyball and swimming. Massage benefits everybody, whether they play sports for fun or are elite athletes. It’s a misconception that you have to be a sportsperson to have sports therapy.

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